Who are we?

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About the initiator

Somewhere at the end of 2018 I was debating Cyber Security plans and budget for 2019 with my CEO. I tried to convince him some investments were necessary as he asked me: “Can you give me a grade of the status of our Technical Cyber Security on a scale of 1 to 10?”. I said to him I couldn’t do that because it’s not that simple. But the idea of such a grade or score for Technical Cyber Security got stuck in my mind and a few months later I started working on it. It was really fun to do it and along the way some fellow professionals and old colleagues joined and enthusiastically helped me putting the tool together.

Tom van Thiel…


With special thanks to...

With special thanks for their contribution to:

    • Alexandra Onofrei (contributed to Application Security)
    • Hans Kerstense (contributed to Perimeter Security and testing the tool)
    • Derk Bijmolt (contributed to Identity, Access & Privileges)
    • Jean Paul Verviers (general advisory and positive critic asking challenging questions)
    • Bert Korsten (general advisory who tested the tool with customers)


And all others who inspired me!


In memory of...

The TISLA tool is dedicated to my respected former colleague Jean Paul Verviers who  enthusiastically offered his help an expertise in creating this tool and who died at too young age in February 2020. He helped by being a positive critic and by asking challenging questions. I will remember Jean Paul with deep respect and wish his beloved ones strength in these difficult times.